The 2014 Survey

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We help pubs share how much good they do to support worthwhile causes in their community.

This online survey only takes 2 minutes. With the data we'll compile a fair and accurate measure of just how much pubs raised for charity in 2013.

Pubs are a cornerstone of communities across the country. Our objective is to provide a better understanding by measuring the huge amounts that we as an industry give back.

The information you share with us will only be used to compile the PubAid 2014 report. We will never pass anything on to a third party.

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Please name the charities your pub supported in 2013 and to the nearest £100, how much your pub raised for each?

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How much are you planning on raising this year?

Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire. The results of this survey will be available later this year.

Kind regards,
The PubAid Team

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